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What Makes Merry Maids Different

10 August 2017

Choosing a housecleaning service should be simple enough, but there are plenty of options out there that might give you pause. Here are a few things you’ll want to watch out for.

Bait and switch tactics
This happens a lot in the world of housecleaning. Bait and switch tactics usually refers to changes in price after you’ve signed up. Sometimes it’s a reduced fee up front and other times it can be that the level of service drops significantly once you’ve been locked into a longer contract. Both are unacceptable and can leave homeowners feeling stuck. It’s important to ask the right questions rather than letting a trained salesperson rush you into signing up.

Experience – or lack there of
Everyone can say they have experience, but most often don’t have what it takes to get the job done right at a professional level. Even services that have been around for a few years may not know all the tricks of the trade yet. It’s important to see what their customers have said about them in the past as well as how big of an area they serve. A bigger service area usually means they are trusted enough to open more than one location and have the right experience to keep customers happy.

What products are being used in the home
While you may find a service with the right skills, having the right tools can make all the difference. Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals can eliminate overly strong smells in your home. This helps with indoor air quality and overall pleasantness to you and anyone living with you.

If you’re looking to fast-track your search for a housecleaning service, why not choose Merry Maids! Our staff have all been thoroughly trained and are bonded and insured so your home is always protected in the event of accidents or breakages. Our products are made and approved, meaning they are better suited for your home over the harder industrial ones available. And as for bait and switch tactics, let’s just say what you see is what you get. Rest assured, we wouldn’t be around for more than 35 years and operate at a worldwide level by tricking our customers. We actually put customer service first, which goes a long way.

3 reasons why we use microfiber

In the search for a good housecleaning service, taking a closer look at the tools they use could have a big impact on how your home is cleaned. We proudly use microfiber, and here’s why.

Captures dirt and dust
Rather than simply push dirt and dust around, microfiber actually soaks it up and holds onto it. This makes it easy for our team to pick up and remove it from your home. By removing dust and dirt from the air, your home’s indoor air quality improves – which is great for those dealing with allergies or respiratory troubles.

Avoids cross-contamination
One of the best things about microfiber is that we can order them in different colours. This allows us to assign colours to certain cleaning tasks in a home. One would be for kitchen counters, while another is strictly for tubs, drains and other bathroom surfaces. By designating certain cloths for certain tasks, we eliminate the potential for cross-contamination in your home. That means you never have to worry if we used the same cloth in the bathroom as on your dining room table.

With so much attention on being green, we took the initiative with our cleaning cloths as well. Microfiber can be washed and reused for future visits. This eliminates waste and helps us focus on the task at hand.

At Merry Maids, our years of experience, detailed training, and dedication to detail have allowed us to grow into the leading housecleaning franchise system in the world. Rather than sift through all those other local cleaning options available out there, why not let us handle the housecleaning instead. Merry Maids will gladly give you one less thing to worry about. We guarantee it!

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