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Celebration of Life!

15 June 2018


How is the funeral arranged?

Funeral Directors in British Columbia complete a two year apprenticeship program consisting of both practical and academic components. Furthermore, at Kearney’s our Directors receive additional training to ensure an exceptional level of professionalism and knowledge. This training prepares our Funeral Directors to help guide the families that come to us through the many decisions which need to be made.

To arrange a funeral, the Director will walk you through the many different options available and help you make the decisions that are right for you and your family. Taking the time to understand your individual needs and help you plan around them is what separates Kearney’s from the many other Funeral Providers.

This process of helping starts from the moment you call us, and continues long after the Funeral has concluded.

Are there music options?

When it comes to music there are many options, whether you want music played from a CD or I-Pod. If prefer to have live music, we are able to book arrangements for the service to ensure you have a truly meaningful experience

Celebrate your loved ones!

Where can I hold a Celebration of Life? 

A Celebration of Life can be held anywhere. We have three beautiful chapels to choose from. However, if your preference is for another venue, we would be happy to assists in the booking and planning at another location for a truly memorable service. Even if your service is taking place at another location, proper planning can deliver a truly memorable and meaningful experience. Please let one of our Funeral Directors help you

“We are here to help….”
“Share memories of your loved ones….”
“…we help families experience meaningful moments…”

If we hold our Celebration of life at another location, can Kearney’s assist us?
We are experts at planning memorable services. If you decide to have your service elsewhere, out Directors have the knowledge and experience to make the experience truly meaningful. No matter where you decide you would like you service to take place, we are happy to assist in planning and carrying out your wishes.

A loved ones memorable moment.

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