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Cover All Bases with Brush Essentials

24 July 2018

The Mary Kay® Essential Brush Collection includes six high-quality, precisely shaped brushes which are ideal for creating a range of looks, packed in a stylish, portable clutch.

  • New brush shapes help anyone create makeup looks with confidence.
  • Each brush excels at blendability, application and pickup.
  • Synthetic bristles are compatible with liquid, cream and powder.

Brush Up on Tools for Any Look!

Find colour confidence in a lineup of breakthrough brushes.

“Use this brush to set and blend foundation for….”
“Seamlessly enhance, sculpt and highlight cheekbones….”
“…intensify colour in the creases and add dimension…”

The collection includes Mary Kay®:

  • All-Over Powder Brush
  • Cheek Brush
  • All-Over Eye Shadow Brush
  • Eye Crease Brush
  • Eye Smudger Brush
  • Lip Brush

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