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When it comes to real estate: BE PREPARED

2 January 2018

My advice to all our loyal iShoppers out there would be, whether you are buying or selling, BE PREPARED.

If you are selling, find a real estate professional that will take the time to not only help you present your house to market in the very best light possible but also work with you to plan & execute “Your Big Picture”, which goes beyond just listing your house.

With Brian, no question is too weird, no email is too long — your peace of mind is of utmost importance.

And, if you are buying, take the time to learn about financing and the whole buying process before making an offer.

“Save you money….”
“…execute “Your Big Picture”….”
“A very stress filled process…”

Being prepared can not only save you money but also give you peace of mind in a very stress filled process.

Happy New Years Everyone!

Brian Leong is an experienced real estate agent, focused on community, transparency, and ultimately, results.

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