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What is Compatible Toner?

21 November 2017

What is compatible toner?

There are 4 types of toner cartridges available and I’ll give you some intel on all of them:

  1. OEM (Original equipment manufacturer): This is the same brand as your printing device. OEM has a very high cost.

2. Refilled: Used cartridges recharged with 3rd party toner. Refilled is the cheapest, but have a high rate of failure due to all used                  components except the toner.

  1. Remanufactured: Used OEM cartridges that have been inspected and worn parts replaced with 3rd party components and recharged with 3rd party toner. Remanufactured has a large variation in cost and reliability as processes and quality of parts vary from each manufacturer. Good quality remanufactured cartridges are close in cost to OEM.


4. Compatible or Generic: Newly manufactured cartridges with all 3rd party components and toner. Compatible toner is the best value
as they are manufactured with all new parts and have a good reliability record.


“…OEM has a very high cost”
“Refilled is the cheapest….”
“Compatible toner is the best value as they are manufactured with…”

Bridges Office Equipment Inc. Offers both OEM and compatible toner cartridges for all major brands of printers. We ONLY provide compatible cartridges that have proven reliability.

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